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6 Super-Smart Spring Cleaning Tips

When you make your home sparkle one step at a time, ​​​​​you’ll be living in a lighter and brighter world before you know it. Keep in mind these clever tips and tricks to outsmart dust and dirt and make spring cleaning a breeze.

Spring Cleaning Checklist with Windex

1. Start with the windows

If you start with windows, you’ll have a clear view of all that needs cleaning. While it’s one thing to clean your interior windows, it’s the outside glass that’s a real pain to reach safely. With the Windex® Outdoor Glass and Patio Concentrated Cleaner you can tackle tough outdoor grime and dirt on your windows without having to wipe them down. With this outdoor glass cleaner, you don't need to use a ladder.

2. Wait for a cloudy day

It’s easier to see dirt and streaks on windows, and you won’t miss out on a sunny spring day.

3. Simplify your spray

Simplify your spring cleaning by using one good multi-surface cleaner, like Windex® Multi-Surface Antibacterial Disinfectant 2​, that works on just about everything.

4. Lighten and brighten

Clean light fixtures can make a room brighter! Glass fixtures can be cleaned with any Windex® Original Glass Cleaner. Lint rollers, the kind used for removing pet hair, work great at removing dust from lampshades.

5. Air it out

Let Mother Nature do some of the freshening for you. Open the windows and infuse every room with the fresh spring breeze.

6. Give all glass surfaces a sparkle

Remove dust and fingerprints from mirrors, framed photos and art, glass tables, figurines and other glass surfaces in your home. Bask in the glorious springtime sparkle!