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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re on a mission to lighten and brighten your world, and we’re here to help. Dive into our FAQs for answers to all your Windex® brand enquiries, or check out the product page for your favourite formula for even more answers.

Windex Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What ingredients are in Windex® Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners?

A: Most Windex® Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners are formulated with detergents, solvents, fragrance and in some cases ammonia (see below for ammonia-free products).For more information about what goes inside SC Johnson products, visit

Q:What can I do to get my windows and glass surfaces really clean?

A:If spraying Windex® Glass Cleaner and paper towels aren’t achieving the sparkle you’re searching for, try wiping with a different towel. Lint-free cotton cloths, microfiber towels, untreated paper towels, newspaper or old, clean cloth diapers work great.Be sure to use enough Windex® product to remove all the dirt and change cleaning towels as they become soiled. Cleaning windows on a cloudy day works best. Sunlight can heat up windows, causing sprays to dry before you can wipe them clean.For more tips check out How to Give Glass an Unbeatable Streak-free Shine*.

Q: When I clean my windows, it's a race to wipe up the spray before it hits the sills. Any tips for beating the drips?

A: For cleaning larger windows at a more leisurely pace, try dividing the window into four sections. Start at the top left, spray, and then wipe the cleaning solution off before moving to the next section. Work your way clockwise around the whole window. You'll have plenty of time to catch the drips.

For cleaning smaller surfaces, Windex® Glass Wipes achieve a streak-free shine in a spray-free format.


Q: What is Recovered Coastal Plastic**? 

A: Recovered Costal Plastic** is made from plastic waste collected within 50 kilometers of an ocean or waterways leading to the sea in countries that lack effective, formal, community-based waste collection. Learn more at Windex® Recovered Coastal Plastic** – Windex® – SC Johnson.

*Unbeatable Streak-Free Shine. Based on Windex® Original lab testing of leading competitors based in part on data reported by Nielsen IQ through its MarketTrack Service for the SCJ – Glass Cleaners (CIP) – G053H505_CIP category for the 52-week period ending 10/29/22 for the Canadian market (NATIONAL EXCL NFLD GB+DR+MM + NATIONAL EXCL NFLD GM+WC), according to SC Johnson custom product hierarchy. Copyright © 2022, Nielsen Consumer, LLC.

** Recovered Coastal Plastic, in partnership with Plastic Bank, is post-consumer recycled plastic collected on land within 50 km of an ocean so that it does not reach oceans or landfills.