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5 Quick Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

When you don’t have time for a deep clean, try these tips for giving your home a little more sparkle. Tackling one hard-to-reach area or an often-forgotten fixture can make a big difference in just a few minutes.

Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips with Windex

1. Look for products that do the work for you

Good cleaning products will save you time and elbow grease. Windex® Original Glass Cleaner is a great choice for windows and mirrors – it breaks down smudges before you wipe.

2. Make your wall art sparkle

Windex® Glass Wipes are terrific for cleaning framed artwork - simply wipe off the glass and frame. Use them in place of spray-on cleaners that can seep in between the glass and the artwork. Reminder: skip the frame if it’s made out of wood and dust with a different product.

3. Look beyond the glass

Use cotton swabs dipped in Windex® Original Glass Cleaner to clean dirt and grime from window tracks.

4. Let in the light

Turn off your lights, take down the fixtures and carefully clean them with Windex® Vinegar Glass Cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe off your light bulbs too (do this only when they’re off and completely cool). Grime and dust can dim a bulb's lighting efficiency.

5. Prevent water spots

Rub clean faucets with wax paper to help prevent water spots. Sparkling fixtures can brighten up the bathroom or kitchen.